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Artist Statement

Regarding reflection amongst an ever-changing world, Emma Bidwell explores the relationship between photography and printmaking, sourcing her material primarily from family photographs passed down to her. Bidwell’s practice explores the intimacy within relationships, nostalgia and stories belonging to the past; she does not shy away from the sharpest of emotions, her work being raw and honest. Between the techniques of digital drawing, screen printing and intaglio printmaking, she explores the themes of memory, time and loss within relationships. Bidwell’s passion for story telling encourages her work, rich with emotion, provoking memory and exploring the fine line between both personal and relatable imagery. Bidwell uses her mark making as a language, her identifiable use of curvature represents emotion, expression, location and encourages a sense of wonder. From exploring further the relationship between space and size of her work, mimicking a similar layout to photograph albums, she started to refine her compositions and reflected on the power held between objects and sounds in a space as a form of communication and insight.  

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